What is The Black Bitch all about?


The Black Bitch is all about community!

Our aim is to promote Linlithgow – its people, its businesses and its beauty!

The Black Bitch is not a business – we are a non-profit community project. Linlithgow has so much to offer, we simply want to spread the word and tell people (both here and beyond) all about it!


An informative, entertaining publication all about Linlithgow.

24 pages filled with local articles, events, photos & competitions, contributed by you, the people of Linlithgow.

We hope that when The Black Bitch enters Linlithgow homes every few months it will be a worthwhile, enjoyable read for all!


More than just a magazine!

We want to be an all round source of community information for Linlithgow.

Our website is equipped with pages for local news, photos, opinions, events, classifieds etc. We need your help to make it work! Have en event? Let us know about it! Local news? Send it on…

We’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

How to help…

It takes a village…

Get involved: If you can write – great…If you can’t it doesn’t matter! There are numerous different ways you can get involved. Get great experience and have loads of fun!

Connect & contribute: Show your support online and keep us informed.

Advertise: If you’ve a local business why not advertise? Get in touch and find out what we can offer you.