Scottish Sports Future – Wellbeing Workshops – age 11-25

SSF Wellbeing – Scottish Sports Future are delivering Wellbeing Workshops aimed at young people aged 11-25.

The workshops are designed to give young people a better understanding of how physical activity and sport can be beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing.

The next series of workshops will be looking at ‘What is Pressure?.  Come prepared for some light physical activity and fun!


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West Lothian Council – Youth Services – Activity Packs

Mental Health and Suicide – Awareness raising animations

Mental Health and Suicide – Awareness raising animations

NHS Health Scotland and NHS Education for Scotland (NES) jointly developed a series of animations. The animations highlight the range of communication skills that should be used including listening, questioning and responding to help someone who may be struggling with their mental health. They also provides information on how to get immediate help and support.  The final animation also looks at how to look after our own mental health.

There are 3 animations in the series:

Linlithgow and District Allotment Society



Covid-19 and the allotment

With permission from West Lothian Council, Oakwell allotment has been allowed to remain open for members to get their daily exercise.  We have strict rules about social distancing but working on your own plot ensures that plot holders stay apart.  We have taken other steps and given instructions to ensure that the risk of cross-infection is minimised.  It is most likely that our Harvest Celebrations later this year will be cancelled.

Things to do on your vegetable plot in June and beyond.

Frosts are very unlikely this month. After the rush to get crops sown and planted in April and May, things slow down a little from now on although it is important to keep on top of the weeding through the summer months.

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Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow



Burgh Beautiful – Up for the Challenge!

In a recent publication, Burgh Beautiful was commenting on the amount of rain we have had.  Now it is the amount of sunshine.  My mother who loves the sun wants some rain.  She is concerned for the farmers whose grass will not be growing to allow them to adequately feed their cattle.  You can take the girl out of the farm but not the farm out of the girl and I guess the same is true for gardeners.  We did have some heavy rain a day or two ago but if you have been digging you will know that the ground is still dry.  But given how seldom we have an extended sunny spell, I had better watch what I wish for.

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