Despite positive and constructive discussions between community groups, residents and Pedal for Scotland, West Lothian Council has once again totally ignored the views of the community and granted the same full closures as caused such serious concern and upset to other local events and residents affected by full road closures in 2016.

Reaction from residents along the B9080 Old Edinburgh Road to Winchburgh range from fury to utter disbelief that full closures could be implemented again without any meaningful consultation with those most affected and without any consideration given to those who will, to all intents and purposes, be trapped in their homes.

The fact that support for the event itself is near universal in the town makes the high-handed approach of the Council even more difficult to bear.

The full Pedal for Scotland report on the arrangements for Linlithgow is here:

Pedal PfS 2017_West Lothian & Linlithgow Overview FINAL copy

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