Issue 43 Front cover


5 Folk Fae Lithgae – Duncan McIntyre
6 Piping and drumming with the champions… come and join us
7 Rotary Club’s Eddie Crawley remembered…
8 Victoria Halls… the latest news
9 Scotch Hop… and away we go
10 New Hopetoun Gardens – Art in the Garden
11 Fundraisers – High Peaks Challenge
12 Party at the Palace, top tips for a great show
14 Smart travel choices – all the facts
15 First responders – a key emergency service
16 Linlithgow Academy fundraising success
17 Book review Lisa Nettleton
18 Linlithgow Cricket… remember that name
19 Pet’s Corner – meet Eddie, the house cat
22 St John’s youth group, Romania Trip
23 Competition and latest winners