4 Folk Fae Lithgae John Pink, Artist
6 Parents Group appeal WLC music tuition cuts
8 Alice Ferguson MSYP Youth & Community
9 Police station relocates to the Partnership Centre
10 Team Accelerace ‘We’re off to Singapore’
11 Peace Garden Plans taking shape
12 Linlithgow Players New comedy
13 Capt. Robert Blair VC Our local hero
14 George Allan Football Superstar
15 Rosie Crowe – Q&A’s Party at the Palace
16 Linlithgow Golf Club A New Era
17 Hopetoun Gardens Herbs are Back!
18 Riding of the Marches Deacons Court
20 Linlithgow TC & MR BID Business profiles & news
22 BIG 50th celebrations for the 41 Club
23 St Peter’s Church 90th Celebrations
26 Linlithgow Cricket Club 7 a-side tournament
28 Arts News Crafts versus Arts
30 Virtue Money Diversified Portfolio
31 Pets’ Corner Rocket Elliot, Rabbit
32 Book Review Lisa Nettleton