Last Chance to Invest in Linlith-Go-Solar!

If you’ve been out walking for your daily exercise in Linlithgow, you may have seen the solar panels peeking through on the roofs of Linlithgow Golf Club, Linlithgow Sports Club and Linlithgow Rugby Club.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus, Linlith-Go-Solar (a project from Linlithgow Community Development Trust) and AES Solar Ltd managed to complete installation all the solar panels before the end of March, the UK Government’s Feed-in-Tariff incentive deadline. This means there have been 3 systems installed on 4 different roofs just in time.

However, it isn’t just the clubs that will benefit from renewables, local people can also get involved by investing in the Linlith-Go-Solar project in our community bond offer. The bond will be paid back with interest and you will be helping the local community do our bit for the environment and local sustainable enterprise.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust has successfully secured grants for most of the costs of the project, and thanks to the generosity of people who have invested to date, we’ve now reached over £22k of the required £25K match funding for the project.

With less than £3K to go, we really need people to keep investing. Due to the coronavirus lockdown and the bank holiday, the bond will remain open to applications till the end of April.

Ronnie Anderson shares why he invested in Linlith-Go-Solar. “I bought bonds for each of my grandsons. The process was easy and they each now have a certificate in their name. I was very impressed by the professionalism of SCF who manage the bonds.”

Visit to find out more and to purchase a community bond from just £50.

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