Mains Road – Children’s Lives at Risk


Children’s lives are at risk on Mains Road in Linlithgow, according to astonishing statistics which showed dozens of drivers ignoring red lights as children wait to cross on their way to school.

But bewilderingly, campaigners say they were informed “on multiple occasions over the past 18 months” by the local authority that little can be done until there is an accident which results in serious injury or death.

Over a five-week period there were 63 red light violations. That works out to be 2.5 red light violations each day during school crossing hours. Of the 63 recorded violations, 51 cars failed to stop at red lights while children waited to cross and were accompanied by the lollipop man dressed in his full high-visibility clothing. The other 12 involved cars going through red lights after having stopped but not waiting for the lights to return to amber and green.

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