Pedal for Scotland – Community Voice ignored – again!

Despite positive and constructive discussions between community groups, residents and Pedal for Scotland, West Lothian Council has once again totally ignored the views of the community and granted the same full closures as caused such serious concern and upset to other local events and residents affected by full road closures in 2016.

Reaction from residents along the B9080 Old Edinburgh Road to Winchburgh range from fury to utter disbelief that full closures can be contemplated again without any meaningful consultation with those most affected and without any consideration given to those who will, to all intents and purposes, be trapped in, or out of, their homes.

The fact that support for the event is near universal in the town makes the high-handed approach of the Council even more difficult to bear.

The full Pedal for Scotland report on the arrangements for Linlithgow is here:…/Pedal-PfS-2017_West-Lothian-Linlithgow-Overview-FINAL-copy.pdf

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Mains Road – Children’s Lives at Risk


Children’s lives are at risk on Mains Road in Linlithgow, according to astonishing statistics which showed dozens of drivers ignoring red lights as children wait to cross on their way to school.

But bewilderingly, campaigners say they were informed “on multiple occasions over the past 18 months” by the local authority that little can be done until there is an accident which results in serious injury or death.

Over a five-week period there were 63 red light violations. That works out to be 2.5 red light violations each day during school crossing hours. Of the 63 recorded violations, 51 cars failed to stop at red lights while children waited to cross and were accompanied by the lollipop man dressed in his full high-visibility clothing. The other 12 involved cars going through red lights after having stopped but not waiting for the lights to return to amber and green.

For the full article see Issue 47, on the Magazine menu.


Further From Festival 10 – 12 February 2017

Further From is suddenly very near!

The Further From Festival is nearly upon us, so here’s a quick reminder of everyone who’s appearing this year, plus a very exciting last minute addition to the programme – artist Darren Rees – appearing on Saturday afternoon.

You can find more information on all the authors and artists by following this link.

Friday 10th February: evening pass £24Stuart Cosgrove, 6.00pm: ex-Director Channel 4, football afficionado on BBC Radio Scotland’s Off The Ball and lover of all things Motown and Northern Soul (£8*)

Ash Dickinson, Claire Askew and Ian Macartney, 7.15pm: Three poets, wordsmiths and performers in a seamless hour of entertainment and lyrics! (£8*)

Andrew Greig and Rachel Newton, 8.30pm: Do not miss this incredible collaboration between Scottish literature’s modern day polymath and a musician at the top of her game. A wonderful blend of clarsach, singing and prose, this event will be simply stunning. (£10*)

There will be an open bar throughout these events. This is included in the price of the tickets.

Saturday 11th February: day pass £28

Jim Crumley, Polly Pullar and Leo du Feu, 10.00am: Join a writer, a photographer and an artist, all of whom observe the natural world around us, all of whom record it in diferent ways. Jim, Polly and Leo are all great believers in protecting the environment. (£8*)

Shelley Day and Sandra Ireland, 11.00am: Both Shelley and Sandra published their first books to great acclaim in 2015, The Confession of Stella Moon and Beneath the Skin respectively. Both are psychological thrillers with a difference and both Shelley and Sandra are authors with a lot to say! (£8*)

Lin Anderson, Neil Broadfoot and Claire Macleary, 12.30pm: Lin Anderson is synonymous with Tartan Noir, especially as one of the founders of the Bloody Scotland Festival. Joining her on this crime panel are Neil Broadfoot, who recently published the third case for journalist detective Doug McGregor, All the Devils. Also on the panel is newcomer Claire Macleary – big things are expected from her debut novel Cross Purpose. (£8*)

Kate Leiper Demonstration, 2.00pm: Kate Leiper’s illustrated children’s books are remarkable in their detail and fantastical imagination. She has recently collaborated with James Robertson on the Book of the Howlat, she also illustrated the glorious Treasuries of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales and Scottish Mythological Creatures. She’ll be demonstrating how she creates such fantastic creatures – this event is ideal for families. (£8/10*)

Darren Rees, 3.30pm: We’re thrilled to announce a last minute addition to Further From! In 2015, Stirling-based artist Darren Rees was awarded the Scott Polar Research Institute Artist in Residence in Antarctica. Following his return, he has now produced a book packed full of stunning images documenting his time there. (FREE)

Refreshments will be available throughout the day for a small fee.

For tickets and information on any of the events, please just reply to
Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Linlithgow Abandoned?

Members of several town groups who take an active interest in the development of Linlithgow have been left shocked by a recent decision by West Lothian Council to approve an application to build another out of centre supermarket on Edinburgh Road in Linlithgow.

The decision seems to fly in the face not only of the Council’s current Local Development Plan and their own recent report which concluded that Linlithgow did not require additional supermarket capacity but also ignores Scottish Government planning advice clearly favouring town centre focused development.

Read the full article on page 5 of  Issue 35 July 2015